This is Gorkem Menekse. Jack of all trades master of none some.
Contrary to popular belief, I strongly believe that sophistication relies on versatility. Design, art and engineering are just different manifestations of the same concept and cannot be separated.

I design digital products and advanced design systems for the tech industry. I don't code commercially, although I have a vast knowledge of frontend languages, C++ and electronics. Moreover, I make kinetic sculptures and generative art.

I have over 8 years of experience working at many well-known agencies such as Deloitte Digital, Moving Picture, Lexus Interactive, Isobar, Possible, Tribal Worldwide, and produced digital products for big brands like Coca-Cola, Chanel, Vice, TalkTalk, Instagram, John Lewis, Vodafone, Specsavers, AstraZeneca. I also worked with promising startups, such as 3dctrl, Pusher, Contact.xyz, Social Vend and more.

Feel free to contact me about your projects via g@hi-jk.com