Hi, I’m Gorkem Menekse. Multi-disciplinary designer based in London.


In ten years of experience, I designed countless digital products; Apps, Websites, VR experiences, and even in-car experiences. I designed for every type of interactive device.

Growing up around creative people awakened my interest in conventional design at a young age, and formal education in programming helped me to see the engineering behind the design and made me the hybrid-minded person I am today.

To my way of thinking, there is no distinction between a designer and an engineer. I worked in the top agencies for the biggest brands in the world, and working with talented people and learning from others has always been my primary motivation for working in tech. However, I am capable of designing a digital product by myself.

Brands Include

John Lewis, Specsavers, Toyota, AstraZeneca, BLOK London, 3dctrl, Esso, OnePlus, TalkTalk.


Deloitte Digital, Moving Picture, Lexus Interactive, Possible, Tribal Worldwide.

Say Hi!

Whether you're still in the creative process or need help with your existing products, I'm always happy to chat; let's grab a coffee and see if we can collaborate.