Hi, My name is Gorkem Menekse. A product designer & creative technologist located in London.


Being surrounded by artistic individuals piqued my curiosity in design from a young age. Despite primarily working in technology, my style has been heavily influenced by Bauhaus modularity and Swiss typography. Additionally, my formal education in programming has enabled me to comprehend the technical aspects of design, contributing to my versatility as a professional. From my viewpoint, the difference between a designer and an engineer is indistinct.

I have collaborated with top agencies for some of the world's most prominent brands. Engaging with talented individuals and learning from others has consistently been my primary motivation for working in the tech industry. Nevertheless, I possess the capability to independently design a digital product.

Brands Include

John Lewis, Specsavers, Education First, Toyota, AstraZeneca, BLOK London, 3dctrl, Esso, OnePlus, TalkTalk.


Deloitte Digital, Moving Picture, Nexus Interactive, Possible Worldwide, Tribal Worldwide.

Say Hi!

Whether you're still in the creative process or need help with your existing products, I'm always happy to chat; let's grab a coffee and see if we can collaborate.