3dctrl realtime
3d design app

Product design, Design system, Branding
3dctrl is a real time 3D content creation toolkit that enables users to quickly and easily configure and animate their brand assets. Designed to help brands and agencies create engaging, dynamic and professional quality 3D stills and video for digital media.

As a member of Artificial Artists team, I was responsible to design 3dctrl app including UI, UX , Design System, Branding, Landing Page

01.UX Design

3dctrl is the first of its kind so there were no proven examples to follow. The goal sounded very intimidating; "Design a 3d design software for non-creatives which works in desktop browsers & tablets" Due to nature of this project, unfortunately, we haven't been able to run a traditional UX test. So we created many wireframe alternatives, discussed with different groups from different backgrounds; creatives, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, friends, family, basically everyone we know.

02.UI Design

Perhaps the biggest UX challenge was using gestures cleverly. The problem is, there are 6 main functions in 2 main categories. 1. Manipulating objects; move, scale, rotate and 2.manipulating the camera; move, scale, zoom. Since it is a cross-platform app we're limited within mouse gestures which means there is no luxury of multi-finger gestures... So 6 main functions, but only 3 available mouse gestures which are click, drag, scroll. It was a huge drawback, to workaround this problem, I created an analogue looking panel for camera functions, so all mouse gestures can be reserved for managing objects.

03. Design System

3dctrl is a cross-platform application, so each component has to be highly adaptive. To be sure that every thing is integrated & adaptive I used atomic design methodology as I do in most projects.

04. Landing Page

Responsive landing page created by using same styles.