Design direction, Design system, App

Collaborated with Momentum Design Lab (San Francisco) to work with Toyota US headquarters in envisioning their future direction and experimenting with new technologies within 3D environments. I developed three high-fidelity 3D environment: an urban area, a highway, and a parking lot. Toyota provided the car model, which we modified by adding experimental hardware.

We then produced a series of videos demonstrating potential use cases to improve driving experiences and safety. Although I had no prior 3D experience, I was entrusted with quickly learning Blender. Within just four weeks, I began applying my digital UX expertise to the industrial realm using Blender.

Toyota sent the car model; we've modified the car, added experimental hardware and created a series of videos to demonstrate use cases that could potentially help enhance the driving experience and safety. I didn’t have any 3d experience. I've had only three weeks to learn Blender and start transferring my expertise in Digital UX into the industrial world.

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