This is Gorkem Menekse. A self-taught product designer based in London.
I design apps, websites, design systems, games, brandings, ar, vr, door handles, autonomous traffic lights, all the things.
I like to work in complex design environments, using cutting-edge tools; atomic, anima, sketch, principle, framer and adobe creative suite.
I also have experience with html/css/vanillajs, 3d/motion design. I'm interested in math, philosophy, physics, anthropology.

I spent quite a time at agencies; Moving Picture, Lexus Interactive, Isobar, Possible, Tribal Worldwide during my early career working for; Coca-Cola, Chanel, Vice, TalkTalk, Instagram, John Lewis, Vodafone, Specsavers, Kinder. Though I only accept projects from start-ups & direct clients now.

Let’s chat if you have any project that is exciting; g@hi-jk.com or find me on instagram