This is Gorkem Menekse. A multi-faceted designer based in London.
I design apps, websites, design systems. With over 10 years of industry experience, I am confident about finding unique solutions for complex design problems and supporting my arguments in a mathematical way.
I enjoy designing pretty much everything, although my superpower is Design Systems. I have a solid understanding of Procedural Design, Agile and design-to-code integration in order to make life easier for everyone.

I worked with many well known agencies such as Deloitte Digital, Moving Picture, Lexus Interactive, Isobar, Possible, Tribal Worldwide, working for; Coca-Cola, Chanel, Vice, TalkTalk, Instagram, John Lewis, Vodafone, Specsavers, Kinder. Though, I rather work with start-ups & direct clients recently.

Let’s chat if you have any project that is exciting; g@hi-jk.com